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Freeway x Joaquin Happy Never After Low Waist Top and Freeway x Joaquin The Martyr Sleeveless Top


Nicomedes Joaquin, more popularly known as Nick Joaquin, is one of the most distinguished creative writer, historian and journalist in the Philippines. He is known for his visual writing style that enables the reader to clearly imagine, if not experience, the story in his work.A� Named National Artist for Literature and Journalism in 1976, Nick wrote award-winning essays, poems, novels, plays, and news reports. He started as a creative writer of works that consistently blend a�?primitive emotions with sophisticated treatmenta�? (Locsin, 1991). His awareness of Philippine folk beliefs and traditions coupled with his narration full of depth and detail has created the classic works a�?May Day Evea�?, a�?The Woman Who Had Two Navelsa�? and a�?A Portrait of the Artist as Filipinoa�?. In the sixties, Joaquin shifted from creative writing to journalism. He calls his unique reportage a�?New Journalisma�?, marrying the facts with creative delivery without losing the truth of the news. He worked as a contributing editor in the Free Press where he wrote noteable a�?The House on Zapote Streeta�? and a�?The Golden Girla�?.

Nick Joaquina��s excellence in writing both as a literateur and a journalist has made a mark in our countrya��s history. In celebration of Nick Joaquin birth centennial, Freeway, in the eight year of its National Artist Collectorsa�� Series, launches its second FreewayxJoaquin collection. A variety of pieces intricately designed by the brand’s fashion artists, the collection features Nick Joaquina��s most famous compositions printed on modern silhouettes like the trendy off and cold shoulders, wardrobe classics such as loose blouses and shift dress in various necklines. Whether youa��re going to office or having a leisurely walk in the mall, the collection offers something for you. Together with the artista��s excerpts, the collection also features blown glass floral patterns, symbolizing the beauty and fragility of creative yet factual reportage: the style of journalism which Joaquin has been known for.

Freeway x Joaquin The Martyr Bardot Top and Freeway x Joaquin Portrait of an Artist as Filipino Dress Freeway x Joaquin The Martyr Bardot Top, Freeway x Joaquin Strangers at First Sight T-shirt and Freeway x Joaquin Portrait of an Artist as


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